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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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manager. a rocky history too, say the least. >> the previous chief safety officer was publicly criticized by the metro board and resigned. news 4 has learned that news 4 will be conducting interviews for a replacement next week and brown's last day will be april 22nd. also reports that this resignation is not the result of a fire that caused big problems today for metro riders. >> yes, that fire broke out in a metro tunnel between and some of that orange and silver line service and service is now back to normal. chris gordon is live at the station with more on how all of this went down. chris? >> i was just down on the platform and i can tell you that orange line trains are running and they appear to be on time. this follows a morning fire that closed five arlington metro stations for about an hour and caused
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arlington county firefighters were called here to the clarendon station for the report of smoke. suspended between boston and roslen. just outside of the clarendon was burning debris on the track bed. not a power cable issue. >> we arrived and we found smoke in the clarendon metro and evacuated the station. units shut down power to the third rail. they went down with metro emergency response teams. they found no active fire. >> ahead at 5:00, how passengers are dealing with the second fire to affect service lines in the past two weeks. that's the latest live in claredon. >> chris gordon, thank you. now to the tributeto
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fallen prince george's. joined law enforcement at the memorial service. chopper 4 flew over as the procession of police followed his body on the beltway. tracee wilkins is live where the service took place. tracee? >> the service wrapped oplittle while ago, but i have to tell you it was amazing outside of this church and even more amazing on the inside. there were points during the service where there was singing and celebration of life for jacai colson. everyday citizens who wanted to say thank you to colson. he was killed when he was accidentally shot by a fellow officer after a gunman oep oened fire on the district 3 police station. today, colson who was off duty when he jumped into that gun battas
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>> today we say farewell to jacai colson with the knowledge that he has reached that place of eternal rest, but he will, in this place, and by all of us, be forever remembered as a true hero. >> he was not just your son, but our son. it hurts when we lose someone from our rank. >> god bless my hero and our hero, jacai colson. god speed my guardians and your guardians the men and women of the prince george's police department. >> coming up, we hear from detective colso nfs mother for the first time and she bravely spoke about the birth of her son and his death. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins. pat, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. three more people taken into custody in belgium after another day of raids linked to the terror attacks on ue
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bombings at a metro station and at the airport killed 31 meanal and we have new details of the two u.s. victims. sascha and alexender pinczowski. the latest on what the investigators are learning about the victims and the suspects in a live report from brussels in our next half hour. we learned of a major blow to the leadership of isis. the pentagon announced terror group's second in command iman was killed in an air strike this month. he was the finance minister and crucial in raising the funds needed to recruit isis fighters. the pentagon also says it's moving to increase the number of american forces in iraq. fairfax county police are trying to track down the driver who was involved in a violent road rage incident. this started along ox road just, which is also route
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center parking lot. but, as bad as it was, northern virginia reporter david culver discovered the situation could have been much worse. >> as the victim tells it, he was just minding his own business. driving down 13 here when he looked up at the rear view mirror and noticed something unusual. the victim noticed a red convertible following closely behind him and aggressively tailgating and slamming on its brakes and then repeating it several times. so, we decided to pull off the main road. pulled into this shopping center where you have a coffee shop and he thought plenty of people would be around and he'd be safe here but she took the car and went after him again hitting him not once, but several times in the back of the vehicle. with the vehicle that's essentially a weapon, too. >> that's why we're calling it an attempted malicious
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from this shopping center trying to firnd the driver of the red convertible. all new at 5:00, you'll hear from the driver, the victim in all of this and what he went through. i'm david culver, news 4. i'm megan fitzgerald this overcast weather and the rain that we're seeing is not keeping this steady stream of people from coming out here to get a glimpse of the cherry blossoms. you can see for yourself, they're beautiful and they're in full bloom. a lot of people out here taking pictures and creating moments. this is just in time for this three-week festival and kicks off tomorrow, of course. family day where kids will have a good time at the national building museum and then, of course, at the warner theater. live music. a lot of events planned out here, but it's important to keep in mind that if you want to get a glimpse of these beautiful trees, come out here this weekend or betweou
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days from now because they will certainly start to change and won't look as beautiful. we'll have all the information about the festival on our nbc washington app. back to you. well, this morning we did have that rain and now it's making its way well south out of here around the northern neck. today has been sunglasses on and s sunglasses off. in and out of the cloud cover. not quite as mild as yesterday. we had upper 70s yesterday. and upper 60s for the evening hours and drop to the low 60s by 8:00. nice and mild for us. there you can see the weather front heading down to the south and east. we're getting some clear skies behind it. that means good news for the weekend and good news for traveling, too. saturday, brightest day out of the weekend. heefrz here's your sunday travel. pennsylvania, west virginia, north carolina, overcast skies and upper 60s and more detail look at the weekend in just a few minutes. and some of the country's biggest companies now blasting a new law in the carolinas.
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lawmakers who just passed a law that would bring a lot of uncertainty to the lgbt community. and it's a big hot spot, especially on friday nights, but soon free parking there will be a thing of the past. how much you' going tore
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>> and, so, we're very pleased to be here and i'm sure it's going to be a great show. the rolling stones in cuba on the eve of their free concert in havana. the latest in a series of historic events there. hundreds of thousands of fans expected. the stones are one of many celebrities. dignitaries, tourists who come to that country in the month following the u.s. and cuba normalizing their relations. well, you'll soon to have to pay to park if you go to reston town center. a ticketless parking center. you'll use an app to park in one of the garage's seven garages. and vary up to $24 for 24 hours. parking is free on weekends, major holidays and certain town
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validation options, if they choose to. but folks who work in those facilities would also have to pay and some are concerned about napt. >> a lot of people described it it's not the reston way. we pride ourselves on being the friendlier community and charging people hourly is not something that we feel reflects the value of our community. >> so, there is an online, in fact, several online petitions aimed at stopping this new parking plan. a spokesperson reclined our request for an interview and posted answers to frequently asked questions. open our app and search rtc parking. a case of technology gone wrong. the project that was meant to be a futuristic connection with people that didn't go well. plus, a big new
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. stronger is blasting without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do.
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we want them to grow up stronger.
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new fall out in north carolina this afternoon. the nba one of the latest organizations to criticize a new law that bans any new rules that would protect the lgbt community. >> nbc chris explains. >> reporter: at the governor's mansion in raleigh protests that legalizes discrimination against lesbian, gay and transgender people. >> this is hate and bigotry. >> reporter: the state's governor said it's simply about privacy. >> i feel very strongly that we, as governor, i need to protect the basic expectations of privacy that all individuals should be allowed to have, especially in the sanctity of a restroom. >> reporter: house bill 2 prevents north carolina cities and towns from making their own antidiscrimination laws and
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charlotte ordinance. that ordinance would allow transgender people to use public restroom for their gender. put women and girls at risk for sexual predator. >> allows grown men to share bathrooms and locker facilities with girls and women. >> reporter: the house leaves the state with no antidiscrimination protections for the lgbt community. >> i'm saying we're people and we're human beings and we deserve the sate right and respect and dignity that everybody else does. >> reporter: the backlash from the national which was quick to condemn the new law. host the 2017 all-star game. the league issued a statement saying, "we are deeply concerned that this discriminatory law of equality and respect. other companies have slammed house bill two including american airlines, apple, fa
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while the nba charlotte hornets say ensure all players, fans and employers feel welcome. volkswagen and porsche are both recalling 800,000 vehicles worldwide. the models from the years 2011 to 2016. volkswagen says a problem was detected in the internal checks of the pedal system. the company is contacting owners and aiming to examine the vehicles as quickly as possible. turning to the weather now. we've got a little weather on our friday. so, veronica is it enough to clear the air, so to speak? >> maybe a little bit and only briefly because for the last 24 hours, pollen, the tree pollen has been very high and now we're seeing the grass pollen come along. moderate for today. of course, a lot of folks, the little kids, they'll be out in the grass rolling around in the
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this upcoming weekend. oak and pine, again, our biggest producers as far as the tree pollen goes. on top of that, it will get a little breezy, too. at least on radar i'm tracking the rest of the showers making its way out of here. in areas of the northern neck there, maryland's eastern shore heading on out. so, for the overnight, tomorrow morning, going to get a little cool as the sky clears. 37 to 45. the range in temperatures. again, much cooler by early tomorrow morning. high temperatures, though. the mid-50s by 1:00 and 60s and about 61 degrees by 3:00 tomorrow. i'm calling that nice because we'll still be looking at seasonable conditions for this time of year. more like late ma march. even today we're higher than average with the rain that we got. afternoon sunshine allow our temperatures to shoot back up. saturday night 48 to 56 degrees. you need a light jacket if you're going out. turning a little cooler. now, watch future weather here because sunday will pick up some of the high clouds and brightest day out of the weekens
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high clouds and might be a little sprinkle or two that tries to make its way into the area. around fredericksburg and sharletsville but for the most part it is looking good. so, easter sunday planner. for sunrise service cool with a few clouds and still have the green light. same thing for the easter egg hunt. mild and looking dry. taking photos, again, high clouds that we'll have to deal with but we don't really want that bright, blaring sunshine where you have to fight it with a flash. cool start and by 11:00 a.m. in the mid-50s by sunday and by 3:00 mid-60s for temperatures. if you're out late or maybe driving back from somewhere, upper 50s now. sunday night is not looking that cool at all. but for the morning, again, the kids out the door for sunrise service. not going to need the coat, but they will need a jacket. on saturday now 63. the high temperature. delightful conditions, i think, saturday, gets the a plus. sunday gets the b
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plus with all the high clouds and temperatures four degrees higher than what we'll see. we're actually two degrees higher than what we'll see on saturday. breezy conditions on monday. this is what lauren is going to be talking about in a couple of minutes. the wind, the rain, the next chance and what that could mean for the cherry blossoms coming up. right now your tuesday looking dry, but our temperatures will be running a few degrees above average. we've got more of those blossoms coming up. >> sir, i don't know how to tell you there, but there is a warrant for your arrest in 2002. well, it took more than a decade. now one man says he's in big trouble because he forgot to return something. plus, which do you like better? easter candy or halloween candy? might be surprised to find out which
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but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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get off the couch.
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more than three hours a day is linked to nearly 4% of all deaths worldwide. researchers also estimate that reducing your daily sitting time to less than three hours could increase your life expectancy by 2 1/2 months. sitting less would also likely motivate you to be more active, which could lead to a lot of health benefits. well, this story is super sweet. the easter holiday is turning out to be sweeter than you might expect for candy manufacturers. last year americans bought more than $820 million worth of candy for easter. and believe it or not, that made easter the lucrative holiday for candymakers. even compared to halloween or valentine's day. however, cnbc found that easter candy sales have flowed over the past four years compared to candy sales in other categories. and speaking of candy. it is the subject of our nbc washington flash survey this afternoon. so, which easter treat is
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favorite treat? call our text the number on your screen. you can also vote on the nbc washington facebook page. well, on wednesday microsoft unveiled a chat bought named tay. the artificial intelligence bought was supposed to chat like a teenage girl, with users on twitter and other messaging apps. but tonight tay is offline. microsoft says users were able to get the bought to spit out inappropriate and offensive language. sounds like tay is ready to run for president. the more users talk to tay, the smarter she was supposed to get. darn. but microsoft says it's now making adjustments. no word on when tay might be back online, again. it's the arrest that had a bizarre movie title trending on twitter. and its star promising to help a man arrested in north carolina. this started with police arresting and charging james myers because he had failed to return a vhs tape to a video storen
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>> the guy brings it to the back of the car and goes, sir, i don't know how to tell you this. but there is a warrant for your arrest in 2002. you rented a movie and you never returned it. so, there's a civil suit that they processed as a criminal case and we're here to take you to jail. >> i loved his dramatic pause for effect. freddy got fingered starred tom green. who tweeted his surprise at the story or that anyone even remembered that movie and, also, offered to help myers pay his legal fees. that store that rented the tape to myers isn't even open any more. it is getting tense on the campaign trail, not just among the candidates, but among the wives, as well. new allegations of infidelity against one of the candidates. plus, some big news about the cherry blossoms along the tidal basin and this news is to
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we'll tell you what you need to know first at 4:00.
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we have some breaking news coming into the live desk. d.c. police announced they have arrested someone for shooting a 9-year-old boy two years ago. you may remember jadan stancil in the parking lot at his apartment when a bullet hit him in the head. officers rushed him to the head in their cruiser. he was released from the hospital about four months after the shooting. i remember being in that hospital visiting him and his mom. well, today, the chief announced they arrested a man named kenneth parker who is now facing a 14-count indimendictindictmen. the chief announced five other cases and another one from three years ago. back to you. >> k
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and developing in brussels tonight. officials are carrying out more raids in the wake of this week's terror attacks. at least ten people have now been arrested. also today two new yorkers have been confirmed among the dead. nbc's steve handelsman is live now in brussels with more on the victims. steve? >> pat and wendy, thanks. u.s. secretary of state john kerry came here to belgium today to say, again, the fight against isis-inspired terror is every nation's fight and the death of these two young new yorkers shows that is the case. their loved ones had feared they were among the 31 dead in belgium since the terrible phone call. alex and sascha pinczoowski telling their mother they arrived at the airport and the blast and then the silence. the siblings lived here in new york
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loved america. sweet kids. one girlfriend of sascha called her an awesome chick. alex engaged to be married. >> for the loved ones of those who have been very cruelly taken from us, including americans. >> reporter: the secretary of state came to belgium to offer u.s. help to prevent more attacks and belgium police are stepping up their effort. more raids and more arrests last night and today in neighborhoods where isis is recruiting. french police saying their new arrests prevented a planned attack. after the isis-inspired massacres in california and in paris and now brussels. 175 dead in those three attacks, kerry had a message for isis followers. >> we will not be deterred and we will come back with greater resolve, with greater strength. >> reporter: but the job is hard. two of tuesday's terror suspects
4:34 pm
the man and wife identified as mohammad but not caught. as belgium tries to chase away fear, celebrate life and intensify the fight against terror. one key to doing that is to try to stop isis recruitment in cities like this. ask how to do that. the apparently stunned brother of one of tuesday's suicide bombers said today, he has no idea. live from brussels, steve handelsman, news 4. >> this is it. just within the past hour our employees have been out. finished the inventory that finally shows 70% of the trees in bloom. that's the indicator to call it peak bloom. so, even though we've had tens of thousands of people down here over the last several days and it has been gorgeous. the official start is right
4:35 pm
weather cooperates for up to ten days of blossom staying on the trees like this. >> here's a live look at those plausms along the tidal basin where there are lots of folks taking in their splendor. >> it looks beautiful. the opening ceremony is tomorrow and easter sunday. we know it is a busy weekend and we have you covered. >> lauren will have your forecast in just a moment, but mark who is among the blossoms and all those people. mark? >> it's a tough gig, but someone had to do it. we're down here all day. a beautiful day as the blossoms have hit their peak. take a look at what everyone is coming down to see down here along tidal basin. but as you said, this is going to cause a busy, busy weekend. it's not just the blossoms. ask you service sunday morning at the lincoln memorial and easter egg roll on monday and the cats game and d.c.
4:36 pm
district over this weekend and traffic will be tough. take a look at one of the problems that we are seeing down here. if you look at where these pedestrians are standing trying to cross through traffic. this is what really has police and the park service nervous down here. people are not using the crosswalk. just crossing in the middle of the street and this is just going to get worse as traffic gets heavier and more and more people start coming down here. later in news 4 at 5:00 and 6:00, we'll show you some unique way that you can get down here to see the cherry blossom and avoid all of that traffic. so, you'll want to stay with us through 5:00 and 6:00. and, of course, a lot of what happens with the cherry blossoms depends on the weather. and we've got you covered there, too, with lauren ricketts. what can people expect? >> it is going to cooperate. thank goodness. i know a lot of people are going to be out there with the holiday weekend as wendy said. the thing is, we do have that breeze picking up.
4:37 pm
up to about 25 miles an hour. that is going to be the way it is throughout the remainder of the evening. not dying down until late tonight. so, again, some petals are going to be missing, but good photo taking opportunity to be out there because some of the petals are going to be missing and looking like it's raining and temperatures tonight going to slide through the 60s. little cooler for the weekend and we'll let you know how cool and exactly what that forecast is coming up. >> thanks, lauryn. and when you try to watch that movie or tv show on netflix this weekend, you might notice picture doesn't look as clear as it usually does. we'll explain why. also, the cross country search for a flight attendant busted for drugs and why her great escape is coming to an end. you're watching news 4 first at 4:00.
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if you've been wanting better video quality while watching nettop flix, you're not alone. the movie streaming giant admitted sending lower quality videos to some mobile subscribers. the reason is that netflix says it's trying to keep you from going over your mobile data caps. mobile data caps. today netflix says it will introduce data saving feature from mobile apps to let you have more control over your data use nl and your video quality. today the maryland senate approved an equal pay measure. the bill bans measures from retaliating against employees for discussing or disclosing salaries. the bill bans discrimination based on gender identity. prohibits pay discrimination based on gender. the house has passed its own measure and both chambers have to address their differences for the bill to clear. the flight attendant who is
4:42 pm
worth of cocaine and then running bare foot from the los angeles airport will be sent back to california. former beauty queen marsha reynolds turned herself into police days after she allegedly left two roller bags full of drugs at lax. a judge in new york set her bail at $500,000 yesterday. now she's headed back to the west coast. reynolds worked for jetblue and was a second runner up in the 2008 miss jamaica world pageant. the charge against her is carrying a minimum of ten years in prison. big developments in the fight against isis. what we are learning about who our country targeted and what it could mean going forward. and what you need to know bout metro beforethe busy
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i'm going to fill you in on those details coming up. tractor trailers whipped around like toys. the incredible damage after an outbreak of severe weather in several parts of the country. the pentagon is claiming a victory in the fight against isis. announcing the death of the group's second in command. >> defense officials aren't saying when or how the terror group's finance minister was killed and they are talking about what it means. brian moore is on the hill with the dwaemeevelopments with this. >> officials say this is a strategic blow to isis and also concede this is removing just one name from a very long list. u.s. officials say they've eliminated the isis terror network second in command and finance chief. >> and now we've taken out the leader who oversees all the funding for isol operation hire
4:47 pm
recruits. >> reporter: a strike earlier this month claimed the life of the group's war minister known as omar the chechen. >> these leaders have been around for a long time. they are senior. they are experienced. and so eliminating them is an important objective. >> reporter: u.s. and coalition forces say they're hacking away at the isis core in iraq and syria. neutralizing its ability to export violence like this week's brussels bombing and november's attack in paris while the pentagon claims it's building momentum, there is no end in sight. >> by no means would i say we're about to back the break of isol. >> reporter: others willing to pick up the black battle flag. >> we thought we were done with osama bin laden and only the beginning of a new chapter and less focus on individuals and more focus and more strategy on defeating root causes. >> reporter: another leader dead, but the fight
4:48 pm
isis strategy is expected to be a major agenda item next week as president obama hosts world leaders here in washington for the nuclear security summit. live on capitol hill, brian moore, news 4. and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> well, we started off this morning a little on the cloudy side and also some rain showers just through about the noon hour and maybe the early afternoon if you're east i-95. now, the sun is breaking out. it's just a great day around the area and a great day now to be down in the tidal basin if you don't have to deal with all those clouds. fairly crowded for this evening since peak bloom is upon us. 68 degrees and mild out there. now, the winds are up. they're coming out of the north, so, little bit cooler wind. 16 miles an hour. anywhere from 10 to 20 miles an hour with gusts 25, 30 miles per hour and that is the name of the game as we continue into the evening. these winds aren't dying down until after 10:00 tonight. you can see theig
4:49 pm
if you're driving around tonight, the clouds are going to clear and that's when our temperature is going to drop. still be in the 60s as you head out and eventually drop to the lower 60s. winds will be calming and 50s, 40s and even 30s during the overnight with clear skies and a much lighter wind. here's our temperature now. went up a degree. 69 in d.c. and 66 in gaithersburg and notice 70s and also in fredericksburg. clouds are clearing. they were slow to get out of here. and it's just looking like a beautiful evening out there. so, if you're headed out for a night on the town, again, 60s to 50s. we're still going to be breezy with those clearing skies and once we do have those clearing, brr. we're talking about 30s throughout the region for most of our area and temperature watch 44 degrees. much cooler when you wake up tomorrow morning. temperatures, again, anywhere from the 30s to the mid-40s. but we'll warm up to the low 60s for your saturday. mostly sunny skies. we're going toa
4:50 pm
sunshine early on easter morning. temperatures will be a little bit warmer by the afternoon on easter but we will have a little bit more cloud cover. our next change will come late sunday night into monday. that's where we're going to have rain. all of sunday will be dry and increase in cloud cover and then showers and breezy conditions as we make your way back to work. so, we're looking at temperatures in the low 60s tomorrow. nothing we can't handle. again a lighter wind for tomorrow and then for easter. notice that temperature right there. it's going to be a little chilly when you wake up for sunrise services on sunday morning. clouds will clear in or move in. temperatures will be in the mid-60s on easter. great to get out for the easter egg hunt. anything you want to do because the rain is not moving into overnight sunday into monday. breezy on monday and then clear out tuesday and wednesday. next chance of rain not going to be until late thursday night into friday. i'm melissa with your first
4:51 pm
this weekend, which, of course, is going to be running pretty well this weekend because of all the folks headed down to the national mall. take a look, of course, at the cherry blossoms, as well today and this weekend. very little track work happening this weekend, which is wonderful. they're going to be running regular weekend service and track work limited not only this weekend, but next weekend and april 9th and o10th weekend and 16th and 17th. only track work they're planning. if you take beautiful pictures down there at the cherry blossoms, please share them with us. you cannot send them to us at and share them on all the social platforms and have a wonderful weekend and see you monday morning for news 4 today. the drama between the republican presidential candidates and their wives is reaching a new level today. the national enquirer is alleging that ted cruz had affairs with five women.
4:52 pm
now cruz is blaming donald trump for the story. >> let me be clear, this "national enquirer" story is garbage. it is complete and other lie. it is a tabloid smear. and it is a smear that has come from donald trump. >> as for trump, he's not yet commented on the story. voters will be headed to the polls tomorrow, but just in the democratic contest. alaska, hawaii, washington state all holding their democratic caucuses tomorrow. bernie sanders will be campaigning in seattle later tonight. i'm darcy spencer at the virginia railway express station in alexandria. a woman says she was given a court summons on the very first time she wroed the vre. she says basically that this was unfair. she said she bought a ticket, but when she got on the train, the conductor said that her ticket was not valid and she's
4:53 pm
has happened to. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, you will hear from this woman and we get a response from vre management. in alexandria, darcy spencer, news 4. it is not the way thousands of people wanted to spend their easter weekend. cleaning up after some powerful storms. >> swirled everything around like a kid playing with toy trucks. what some tornado victims say they can't believe this storm did while leaving other things untouched.
4:54 pm
it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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developing in florida. cleaning up after a big storms. take a look at the roofs of several homes torn right off. the winds were up to 45 miles an hour. police spent the day going from house to house to determine the extent of the damage. there have been no reports of injuries so far and the red cross is helping families in need. and up close look at the
4:57 pm
outside of near dallas, texas. the tornado may have been a weak one, but it caused significant damage. nora walker has more. >> reporter: storage facilities aren't usually busy places. >> until you see the damage first hand. >> reporter: this one in haslett stayed open past closing time. the national weather service confirmed the damage here is from a tornado. >> swirled everything around like kid playing with toy gun. >> reporter: and with all the care of a 3-year-old, the storm tossed a trailer on its side. >> this trailer was on top of this boat. >> reporter: just picture that. it ripped the roof off a storage unit, but left a row of fiats like march box cars in a box. not even the dust was disturbed. the twister turned steel supports into steel spaghetti, but left
4:58 pm
by tornado standards, it was weak. an ef-0. >> i would like to see an ef-4 wouldn't you or even an ef-1. >> reporter: storm repairs were under way but not from last night's storm. >> this is from a storm that we believe that was last april or last may. >> reporter: it took ten months to sort out insurance to repair the hail damage roof. the pastor hopes it will be done by the weekend. >> sunday is our busiest day, especially this sunday with it being easter. >> reporter: there is a lesson here for anyone just starting to assess storm damage now. >> have patience, i guess. >> reporter: a tornado can turn steel to scrap in an instant. >> been a long night, yeah. >> be present with the lord.
4:59 pm
that's my jacai. the mother just buried her son. hard to comprehend how much pain she is in right now. >> her son is prince george's police officer jacai colson killed by friendly fire during an attack on a police station. today dignitary and officers from across the state of maryland paying tribute to him at his funeral. law enforcement escorting colson's body to and from the service today. a procession that shut down the beltway for a time. here's how officer colson was remembered. at the first baptist church. ♪ >> this is the day that the lord has made and we shall rejoice. >> he was truly special from the
5:00 pm
six-month baby. and he fought to get here and he fought going out. ♪ >> jacai was not just your son, he was our son. it hurts when we lose someone from our ranks. >> today we say farewell to jacai colson. with that knowledge that he reached the place of eternal rest. >> god bless my hero and our hero, jacai colson. god speed by guardians and your guardi guardians. the men and women of the prince george's police department. >> what is our motto?


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